The Institute

The world is a system, according to the analyzing framework on the long-term transition of the social system advocated by this institute, and it is in the phase of informatization which is the globalizing modernization, which has been the most basic and drastic social change. There is an urgent need to tackle various issues that have become apparent due to the development of the information society, gather the knowledge of experts, and propose practical problem-solving and policies.

We understand several new disciplines of sociology will play a big role to research and study this informatized society. The disciplines are not only based on existing political science and economics, but also extended to the new fields of sociology, which are called “Socio-Infonomics”. That is what we choose for the name of this institute.

In addition to, new types of sociology, especially what we call “information society and science,” will play a major role in researching the current social situation. This is why we chose the Institute of Socio-Infonomics as the name of the institute.

We welcome any collaboration with people who are interested in research in this approaching information society.

Director, KUMON Shumpei