Professors Faber and Kumon Release Joint Proposal on AI

Izumi Aizu
Professor David Faber (Co-Director, Cyber Civilization Research Center, Keio University) and Professor Shumpei Kumon (Director, Institute for InfoSocionomics, Tama University) jointly released a “Joint Proposal on AI Development and Utilization Policy” today.
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This proposal expresses their views on “AI Governance,” to the global leaders participating in the G7 Summit, including the Japanese government as its Chair, in preparation for the G7 Hiroshima Summit (May 19-21, Hiroshima City) and the G7 Digital and Technology Ministerial Meeting (April 29-30, Takasaki City).

Prof. Farber, 89, is known as the “Grandfather of the Internet” and has made outstanding achievements as a pioneer in computer science and network technology. He led the development of the CSNET and NSFNET in the early days of the Internet, and also made significant contributions to the spread of the Internet in Japan, Asia, and the world.

Prof. Kumon, 88, has pioneered the study of the Information Society, “InfoSocionomics,” since the 1980s, and through his encounter with Professor Farber in 1991, he quickly became convinced that the Internet would lay the foundation for Information Society in Japan and the world. Since then, he has been a pioneer in explaining the significance of the Internet to governments, industries, and the general public at home and abroad.

Both continue to lead their respective research institutes and are engaging in research as active lifetime members. Based on their knowledge of how Internet played its role in the formation of the Information Society, focusing on the potential of “generative AI” and its social risks, they reached this proposal: a deep understanding of AI and global cooperation in promoting responsible policies for its development and utilization are extremely important.

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